Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gratitude on a Sunday Morn'

@DCGratidude on Twitter has inspired me to do my own gratitude list for today. A very heartfelt Thank You to him for reminding me about the basics and to keep it simple.

* Grateful that Johnny Depp is not dead (thank you Twitter).

* Grateful not to have hit anything on the way down after passing out upon reading RIP Johnny Depp (again, thank you Twitter).

* All kidding aside, I am very grateful to wake up to gorgeous blue skies and bright (a little too bright before coffee) sunshine.

* Coffee

* Knowing exactly where I was and who I was with last night. There was a time not too long ago this simple knowledge escaped me all too often.

* Hanging out with friends this weekend that get me, that really get me.

* My daughter enjoying her Tinkerbell puzzle, quietly (coffee is still brewing) in the sunlit front room.

* My Cuervo kitty coming out of hiding and eating her breakfast. I am grateful to have her for one more day. That little critter has let me borrow, without returning, at least two of her lives.

* Red Rock Canyon, LV - where there's snow on the trails for my Border Collie to romp and stomp, get muddy and have a great time while my daughter and I try to keep up. (Thank you to @gregzilm for the awesome pic)

* My rundown, 12-yr old 4WD truck that's going to take us there.

* Have I mentioned Johnny?

* My full-time job as a receptionist as it makes me appreciate my days home with my family all the more. And it pays the heating bills.

* Lastly, as I could (and probably should) keep going, I am most grateful for my sobriety, my program and the "WE". For without these things, all of the above would be dust. Well all but Johnny, of course.

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