Monday, January 18, 2010

Remembering Lourdes

Lately I have been learning A LOT from my present job and it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with actual job skills. I can safely say I have learned all there is to know about the whooozzits and whatszzits of answering phones.

What I'm learning is more along the lines of people skills - the kind where I have to change almost everything I know about how to deal with people in the workplace.

Sorry to say but this blog will not be a boring regurgitation about my daily routine at the office. It will be about Lourdes...about wonderful, beautiful Lourdes.

You see, Lourdes was the receptionist where I worked about a million years ago. I came in as the Executive Assistant and was so much better than her. Let me tell you, I dressed better, I looked better and oh yea, I was the President's direct assistant - a force not to be messed with. So there little receptionist girl, just answer the phones and wear that painted on smile and everything will be ok. If I see you in the lunchroom on break, I am so going to avoid you. And don't bother sending an VM's to the Prez and you know I take all his calls.

It was so simple to look down on this young, single mom that was kind of weird, quite and slightly quirky. It was simple because I didn't know a thing about her and I had that over-inflated ego that instantly dismissed anything I thought was less than me. The funny thing was, I thought I was to lowest it got. I didn't know it at the time, but Lourdes turned out to be my saving grace where I find myself in life today.

You see, I'm the receptionist now, in a workplace full of sales engineers and well- kept women. I am the weirdo that likes to recycle their aluminum cans, tape up cynical comic strips of Get Fuzzy and polar bears at my desk and keep to myself. I have not one thing to offer these people except a painted on smile and slightly stupid points of view, when asked, which is ummmmmm, let's see....never.

What Lourdes has done for me is humbled me. She has taught me that it's just fine to be me and what others think of me is none of my business. I can be who and what I am and do a great job as a receptionist and that's IT. I don't have to walk around with a pout when I find out the girls at the office had a Cookie Lee party that I wasn't invited to. I don't have to stutter when one of the engineers makes fun of me to the others. When people walk in the kitchen or bathroom, see me and walk out, it's ok. I have Lourdes to remember.

I can know that as I treated her, I am being treated. Office karma at it's best and there's no other place where I belong. My series of bad choices, addictions and plain stupidity have landed me at this job, in this city, in this place where it's not about what I do for a living, it's about what I'm learning in this journey simply called L.I.F.E.

Until next time...

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