Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gratitude on Saturday Night

I am grateful for:
1. Having @DCGratidude's perspective on what keeps him sober.
2. Being a small part of a huge, God-inspired program that keeps me sober. It's in the "we".
3. For my great friend Jenniflower that shares her love of sober living and sober mothering right along side of me.
4. Being willing and able to take my daughter to the Discovery Museum today...for 4 hours.
5. For hearing her breathing softly, fast asleep in the bed next to mine.
6. For my daughter's beauty, warm heart, spunk and silliness and most of all, her health. I am beyond blessed to be sharing my life with this healthy, happy little girl.

7. To be compassionate today for those mommy's (and daddy's) that are living with the heartache of battling the cancer that is trying to take the lives of their precious children. Please visit and
8. Attending a 12-step recovery meeting today that celebrated over 68 years of collective sobriety and had an overwhelming amount of experience, strength and hope.
9. The continued hope of finding a new home for my daughter and I.
10. Seeing the lessons in everything I go through, good and bad and the serenity and peace of knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake.

Thanks for letting me share.