Sunday, March 14, 2010

The "Klip it for Kidz" Fundraiser was Great! *video attached*

As most of you know, I have been fundraising for two weeks for NVCCF. I all started with my friend, Trish Christie (@mom2lila), shaving her head for St. Baldrick's. She raised over $1,200 to help fight this monster we call childhood cancer. Reading her story moved me so much, I wanted to do the same. The day after Trish gave it all up for kids cancer, I heard on S.O.S. radio about an upcoming local fundraiser on March 13th that the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation was putting on, only two weeks away. That was my answer from that "Something Within" that guides me through life. I had also been following @LaylaGrace and her family's unbearable heartbreak with losing Layla to Stage 4 neuroblastoma. I didn't know it then but the day I knew I was going to start raising awareness for the NVCCF "Klip it for Kidz" event, Layla Grace would only be in this world, for two more weeks.
My family was not cool with the idea of me shaving my head though they loved the cause. My employer also frowned upon the idea because I sit at the front desk and "represent" the Company, aka they did not want a bald receptionist. I shouldn't say this but though they helped me raise a significant amount of money for NVCCF, I dream of the day I can work with an organization where shaving my head for childhood cancer would be cheered, not rebuked. Needless to say, though I was very sad not to sit up on that stage and give it all up for the kids, I learned that I could do something BIG and also respect my employer and family. In my heart, I know there will be a day where I can really, REALLY live true to my soul. Yesterday's experience was just an amazing stepping stone along my path to serenity, love and freedom. Thank you to my GENEROUS and LOVING supporters, Trish Christie, Jennifer & John Wells, my friends near & far and lastly to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation for stretching my soul a little bit more and giving me this awesome sense of being a part of something wonderful. Now, without further delay, here is a video journal of my March 13, 2010 with NVCCF along with some inspirational clips of children who have lost their battle with cancer and those who are still fighting.