Friday, March 12, 2010

WE DID IT!!! OVER $1,000 Raised

Yes, you read it right...we made it to our $1,000 goal and beyond! Though the final numbers won't come in until Saturday's event, we have raised $1,540.00!

I have never been so amazed and humbled in my entire life! 80% of my donations came from people that I have never met, a great majority from Twitter. That says a lot about social networking, human kindness, compassion and the fun of being a part of something awesome.

Thank you, THANK YOU for helping me make this small dream come true. The children and their families will have even more support for their summer camps, medical bills, tutoring, counseling and other outreaches. As for me, I have been inspired to do greater things knowing there are people like you out there with caring and generous hearts that will cheer me on.

Stay tuned for final numbers and more fun stuff about the event itself. Your mailboxes will receive a cute little thank you card too after the event. I should have most of your mailing addresses so YAY!

I really love you guys very much. Until then, stay awesome!