Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gratitude on a Thursday Morning

This morning as I was dropping of my daughter at school, I saw a mom saying goodbye to her kids as well. She kissed her son, who looked to be about 10 years old, on the cheek as he tried to act cool and uninterested. She then went over to her maybe 8 year old daughter and helped her with her sweater cuff and backpack.

What caught and held my attention was not just the outward expression of love this mother had for her children but the fact that she was on her way to work, at Metro PD. She was in full uniform, possible leaving the fire arm elsewhere but I couldn't see that far. Her hair was tidy and put in a tight french braid bun. She had her weapons belt on and her tan uniform pressed and shoes at a high shine.

This woman was sending her "babies" off to school and headed to a job where she puts her life on the line, each and every time she steps into that impressive uniform. It just amazed me.

Instant gratitude overcame me for what our police force does each day in our city and that I'm leaving my daughter to go to a cushy job where there is absolutely no threat to me whatsoever.

Thank you Metro for trying to keep our communities and our children safe. Thank you for putting yourselves on the line for our benefit. We've lost too many of you lately to what seems like wasteful hatred, ignorance and violence. What crime against another person isn't one or all of those things?

I digress....easy to do when blogging about something that grabs you so firmly.

I just wanted to put it out there in the Universe somewhere that today, I am a grateful mommy that I know, for the most part, without a doubt, that I'm returning safely this afternoon to pick up my "baby" from school.


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