Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lessons Learned - A Twisted Gratitude List

I've come to love writing gratitude lists though I have to get into a lot of pain before I do so. Just like finally eating healthy after having that heart attack. Or exercising after realizing you can't run after your child without gasping for air, leading said child into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Today, I'm going to twist things around a bit. I want to list some things that I've experienced lately that have become invaluable to me, to my peace of mind, to my serenity and most importantly, to my sobriety.

Lessons Learned ~ A Twisted Gratitude List

Coming to work every week day can actually be a good thing.

Letting my child sleep with me after she has a nightmare really keeps my heart warm.

"Letting go" of the boy that I have a mad crush on because we are better off as friends is hard to do.

Realizing you're kind of pretty can make you prettier.

Giving to others is one way of receiving what you've always been searching for.

Once I cease fighting everyone & everything, I can "hear" the voice of GAAWD.

It's ok to say "No" as long as you put a "Thank you" after it.

Which leads to this... Saying "Thanks" and "Thank you" are two very different things.

Being right and being happy are also two very different things.

Practicing positive thinking becomes easier with time.

Closing my mouth and listening is the right way to get my point across.

Not having television in the house will not kill me.

The best thing I can do for myself is an Asset List.

Blooming where I am planted is hard to do but well worth the effort.

Being single does not mean I am lonely, it just means I don't have to shave my legs everyday.

Thinking of other's interests, goals, dreams, and hopes makes me feel great!

Being able to laugh when I am wrong and doing what I can to make it right = a win-win situation.

Taking myslef less seriously leads to a renewed (and improved) sense of humor.

I should wear more sunscreen.

What have you learned lately...?

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  1. Hugs girlie! I've learned that innerwebby friends are just as awesome as flesh and bloody friends. Wait.. that sounded kinda gross. You know what I mean.. um.. right?


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