Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Asset List (Revisited)

In recovery, we come to find that some of us are sicker than others. I suffer from a debilitating lack of self esteem. So my awesome friend has strongly suggested that I create an "Asset List" with all my attributes/good qualities/assets listed out. She then told me to place that list on my mirror to read to myself every morning. If that isn't corny, I don't know what is but I am willing to do what it takes to become the girl GAAWD wants me to be.

I cheated a little by using some things others have said about me.

Thank you Jenniflower for the nudge ~

Soooo, here it goes:

I have beautiful blue eyes
I have a kind heart
I have a great sense of humor and a big, creative imagination
I am a caring, wonderful, sober mom
A considerate and caring daughter
I do a lot for kids with cancer
I am so inspirational ~Thank you Toby~
I am a good friend
I am a person who gives her time to help others so unselfishly
I would change the whole world if it would only let me
I have great compassion for others
I am friendly, thoughtful, and supportive
I love animals
I love to recycle
Somedays I'm just too adorable! (it had to be said!)
I have raised a shitload of $$ for children's cancer support programs
I love my family
I have people that love me, that REALLY love me today
My 5-year old daughter thinks I'm her Angel
I am a good listener, when I'm not interrupting
I help others with their problems
I am nice and kind to others
I am attentive and loving to my daughter
I am witty and funny (woot! woot!)
People are grateful that God let them meet me (whoa...)
I am pretty, charming and skinny (double whoa!) You crack me up MaggieBoo!
I have a huge heart
When I smile, my eyes light up with life and happiness
I'm goofy (a personal favorite)
I have a nice butt (Awww Greg, you shouldn't have)
I have a certain glow about me
I am a beautiful person, inside and out
I love my friends with all that I have
I have had a best friend for over 15 years and she LVOES me more than I could ever love myself. Thank you Robin
I am an awesome mom
I know the meaning of unconditional love (I owe this one to my parents)

I know how to admit when I am wrong and to apologize when it hurts ~Robin, your kindess and enduring friendship is timeless. Thank you for loving me all these years, even during the ugly ones.
I love helping others
I cry for others when they are unable to cry for themselves
I know what it means to be a true friend and to have true friends
I am (willingly) learning from my mistakes
I am a good example for my daughter
I know that it is never too late to have/make a fresh start
I am spontaneous (and I like mud)
I like to make a difference
I am a kind and giving person who cares for my little girl
I suit up, show up and grow
Amanda Jean thinks I'm a great mom
I am thoughtful, gracious, a good friend, supportive and a great workout partner

Stacey says "I am so glad to have u as a sis, INSPIRATIONAL!!! U r one of a kind!

I am a Wonderful, Beautiful Woman with a Heart of Gold and a fantastic mother.

Jells said "I am an awesome and amazing person. Though she hasn't met me face to face, I am one of the few among Twitter that she finds to be inspirational and that she considers a real friend. She thanked me for being "me" and that I tweeted into her life."

I am infectious when I am as happy as I have been ;0)
I'm a keeper (I love u Flower)

Kimberlee Bourdon>> I like your bravery & your constant drive to do good. You have talent and you use it for good instead of evil. You're always there with a helping hand, a positive attitude, a plan, and a smile. I like that the most about you. I so want to be you when I grow up! ♥

Jenniflower added>>> "...you write and express yourself beautifully you know - another thing to put on that asset list of yours. I LOVE YOU!"

Robi added>>> "...along with your photography...also an asset...oooh, and your choice of wonderful friends!"

Rachel said I have a huge, huge heart.
I am NOT middle aged afterall :)

These next few comments come from my two favorite people and are really, really hard to accept but here they are:

Jenniflower once said (at a meeting!) that I inspire her to want to be a better person.

My Bestie in NC, Robi, said she wants to be more like me.
I am sooo amazing!
I bring more into the lives of others than I could ever imagine.
I inspire others
I make my bestie proud (after all that I've done to her and her family)
Robi's admiration of me grows everyday.

(first posting 4-6-2010)


  1. You are an awesome and amazing person. Though I haven't met you face to face, you are one of the few among Twitter that I find to be inspirational and that I consider a real friend. Thank you for being you and that you for tweeting into my life :)


  2. Jenny, I love who you have become and are still becoming! I know it's a lot of pressure to be an inspiration (even though you are one), so instead I'll say that you make me smile :-)

  3. Jenny, I will always remember the day we met and you were in your air-Jesus shoes, phesant skirt and tie-dye dolfin t-shirt...we went to Taco Bell and we have been bud ever since...that was 1994. You have taught me to be a better friend, person, mom and nurse. Because of you, I have eaten lunch on Huntington Beach, dinner in Vegas and breakfast in the Grand Canyon, saw Cadillac Ranch,drove cross country, had a blast in New Orleans and ended up with a roommate. We have danced (you taught me my first line dance), laughed and cried. Thank you for all these years of love and friendship and allowing me to be a part of your journey (and thank you for being part of mine). Lvoe you!!

  4. I am just now getting around to reading this and I have tears pouring down my face (good tears). It is so beautiful to read someone owning the good stuff, acknowledging the beauty within themselves, and giving so much self-love! I am truly inspired right now. I really needed this and know that there was a reason I didn't get around to reading it until today...

    You are such a beautiful, bright, shining light and I have so much love in my heart for you right now!!


  5. Hi auntie i know that we cant see each other a lot but honestly no matter what you have done in your life I will always llluuuuvvvvvv uuuuuu no matter what happens your the best auntie ever and this blog is touching to the very special people in your life because u r a special person in side and out u r like a SUNFLOWER ABOUT TO BLOOM in the spring. (Who luves uuu baby?) I sure do u rock inside and out
    LEELEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:];} XOXOXOXOXXOXOXO i LUV U

  6. Even cooler the second time around!!


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