Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My friend Leslee Horner has this amazing blog titled Waiting for the Click.

My favorite quality about Leslee is that she has great insight to spiritual matters, not religious, but definitely spiritual.

She and I are doing a book study together. We are reading The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. We call each other on Monday night's and discuss the chapter for that week.

Last night we went over Part III which centerd around fear. We all experience it. What matters is how we deal with it.

For years, I personally ran from fear. I'd run emotionally from anyone that threatened to disturb my self-centered, self-destructive ways. I ran physically all over this beautiful country looking for a new beginning, only to run right back into myself. I ran spiritually because I had convinced myself that I was not worthy of God and that He/She/It absolutely had forgotten all about me, when in reality, it was me that had turned away from the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Back to the book. Here's one snipet that stuck out to both Leslee and I. I hope it does so for you too.
#15: "It (fear) is this personal devil which makes men fear the past, the present and the future; fear themselves, their friends and their enemies; fear everything and everybody. When fear is effectually and completely destroyed, your light will shine, the clouds will disperse and you will have found the source of power, energy and life."

The song "I can see clearly now the rain is gone..." is playing in my head but I digress.

Today, challenge yourself to face just one fear you have. Are you in fear of asking out that special girl that you're crazy about? In fear of saying "I love you" to your little sister? In fear of not doing your job perfectly? In fear of being true to yourself because of the risk of being rejected? In fear of speaking your mind? In fear of what other's think about you? In fear of not being liked? In fear of not fitting in?

Think about that one fear when it presents itself today. Ask that Something Within for a little strength and courage. Then face that fear head on, take action and see what happens.

F.E.A.R. = F*ck Everything And Run ~or~ Face Everything And Recover

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  1. One of my all time favorite movies is an Albert Brooks film called "Defending Your Life." It's all about how our fears prevent us from really experiencing life and living to our fullest potential. If you haven't seen it, it's a must rent. Plus it's just a good old giggle!


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