Sunday, May 30, 2010

Misplaced Treasure

*Yaaaawwwwnnnnn* Ugh, that Something Within woke me up at this lovely hour to bring you this little story. I am finding that if I try to "sleep it off" and post it later, I can't sleep for sh!t. Great sense of humor my GAAWD has.

My daughter sat me down and told me that she's worried about the people that have misplaced their Treasure.

She went on to explain that everyone is given a Treasure as babies to use, depend on, lean on, turn to, play with, explore with, yada yada. This Treasure brings people peace, serenity, purpose, happiness, balance and the like.

I said "How does one lose this Treasure"?

She went on the explain that Treasure is never lost. It is simply misplaced. Treasure never goes away.

"Do people forget about this Treasure? Do they put it somewhere and forget where they placed it? Do they give it away to another friend? Do they let someone else borrow it"?

"No Mommy, pay attention. Everyone has their very own Treasure. No one needs to borrow Treasure from anyone else. It gets misplaced simply because people don't USE it."

Hold the phone.............

My child just told me to pay attention.

She also told me a very valuable secret to this Treasure.

If we don't USE it, it gets misplaced. We don't lose it, we just misplace it. Ok. So I picked her brain some more.

"If people misplace their Treasure, and this Treasure is supposed to be so important, what do they do without it"?

"You know that one Mommy. I'm too young to talk about such things."

Great. Now I'm flying solo.

I wrap my head around this Treasure concept and come up with the following:

Everyone's Treasure represents their own version of God. Wait, don't get up. Stay put, sit back down. I'm not about to go on a religious rant or some half-assed lecture about Jesus. I really don't understand either of those two things so I'll try to keep it simple. Read on.

We all are given Treasure from the moment we're created. As children, we stick close to this Treasure and have lots of fun with life. Treasure is our homeboy as kids. We laugh at funny faces that our Daddies make, we giggle ceaselessly at a silly joke. We play. We believe. We give. We love.

As we get older, we lose sight of this Treasure. It's like we put it on a shelf and move on to "big and better" toys. We replace our Treasure with Life's stuff. With jobs, busyness, keeping up with the Joneses, and so on.

Some of us really get away from our Treasure only to force ourselves into trying to force it again in our lives.

For me, I forced it by using alcohol and drugs, relationships that were waaaay to unhealthy for me (or anyone), over-dependence on people, places and things.

Needless to say, this does not lead back to Treasure. It leads to an unmanageable life of insanity. The slow and painful kind of insanity. I digress.

Back to the point at hand; what my daughter was trying to tell me.

Life gets in the way. We misplace our Treasure with all kinds of other things.

It is our responsibility to find this Treasure again and USE it if we are to enjoy life again, as we did as children.

I guess the next question would be HOW do we find it again?

Maybe there's no one way to find it again. Maybe it's up to you to figure out how it's done. Maybe you already know where your Treasure is, you just don't settle down long enough to reach out and take a hold of it.

For me, I have to listen. I have to quiet myself long enough to listen to that Something Within that "speaks" to me.

When I am sad, irritable, bummed out, angry, or any other kind of "disconnected", I have to get real with myself, stop, ask myself "What is the real reason why I'm pouting"? Then I have to be willing to listen for the answer. It always comes.

Treasure never leaves us. We leave it. We misplace it. We turn our backs by trying to live this life on our terms. I didn't get too far on my own. How's it working out for you?

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  1. Today it is working well. 1416 days ago was another story. My my how thought provoking that lil one can be for mommy. Great way to get you to sit still and listen. "Pay Attention" I love it. How old is she? Wow! Have a blessed day.


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