Saturday, May 1, 2010


"Tug a wad"? Nope. "To God"? Close. "What would tug do"?? Nice try.

It means Thank You God (God being spelled specifically with 2 A's for a reason).

It's my license plate and it reminds me every day to be thankful for the blessings in my life, even my 12 year old, falling apart 4x4 Toyota. They say those trucks can run forever so I'm testing out that theory.

Most days, I need lots of help from that Something Within with my gratitude. It's hardest on days where nothing is going my way and I want to stomp and pout like my 5 year old. Irony there is that I seem to do that much more than my 5 year old.

Today is not one of those days. I woke up with the golden morning light trying to make it's way through my closed bedroom shutters. It's warm glow was welcoming to another kick-ass day here in Vegas. TUGAAWD.

These last few days I have been experiencing some major gratitude thus leading me to be one heck of a happy camper. Here is where I'd like to share them with you.

One blessing in my life and the life of someone I love dearly is a victory over a tragedy that happened over 2 years ago. I have a very dear friend who was attacked in her own home my an unimaginable bastard who intended nothing but the worst for her. He didn't win. He didn't take this woman's integrity, her courage, her life. He had met his match once and for all. The police pumped 8 tazers into the scum just to bring him down after running out when they broke in the doors. That monster was sentenced to 40 to life without the possibility of parole yesterday. My friend will experience her first night of peaceful dreams in a long time. TUGAAWD.

Another victory, much smaller than the above but none the less, God had a hand in it. On Thursday of this week, I was at work trying to look busy. The thought "crossed my mind" to make a few calls about how to apply for a school zone variance for my daughter's upcoming school year. I had been meaning to make this call for a while but this day, that "voice" was pretty firm. Turned out the deadline for such applications was Friday and I needed to get moving if I wanted my daughter to have a decent school to attend in the fall. To spare you the specifics, I did the footwork that next morning and successfully enrolled my daughter in an all-day Kindergarten at a school that I never thought she could be lucky enough to attend. It's known in these parts as the school you want your kids to go to if you can't afford private. TUGAAWD.

I signed my daughter up for 12 weeks of YMCA summer camp. We have 3 wonderful, loving pets at home. The sunlight is still streaming in, lighting the room with a happy glow. My girl is sound asleep in her warm bed. I am getting healthy and fit again. My liver is no longer "on the blitz", my weight is down to healthy numbers, I feel pretty (oh so pretty), I am doing a book study with someone I greatly admire and who is showing my things that I need to grow my soul. I am meeting amazing people and going to lots of cool places during my stay in Vegas. Yes, I still hold on to the hope of moving someday to where there are oak trees and lightin' bugs. But now, I hold on loosely. TUGAAWD.

I put the bottle down over 2 years ago. It was hard to see anything from the bottom of it. One morning, I surrendered wholeheartedly and completely, allowing God to reach into my life and pick me up by the scruf, like a helpless kitten. He placed me where I could find the courage and strength to keep moving forward, one-day-at-a-time. He led me to a place where others trudged the road to happy destiny and I was introduced to the "we". It saved my life. It gave me a life I always wanted. It gave me a primary purpose and a reason to share it with others. TUGAAWD.

Today, I get to be grateful. Today, I get to say Thank You God. Today, I get to celebrate the people in my life. Today, I get to celebrate me. Today, I get to help others. Today, I get to LIVE, not simply exist.

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  1. Mike SweeneyMay 01, 2010

    Great outlook on the progress in your life. I was curious about "TUGAAWD" and was intending to ask of its origins. Now I know.
    Have an awesome day, it is a gift from God, Hence the reason it is called "The Present".


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