Saturday, June 26, 2010

For The Little Things You Do (Roxi's post)

I post this with a very heavy heart. I'd like to introduce you to my four-legged doggy daughter Roxi. She's been with us since 2007, when I found her in a Murphy, NC shelter, shaking like a leaf. She was 4 months old.

We've been in Vegas for 3 years now and my circumstances have not changed as I had hoped. I love my sobriety and am accepting my new life here but it's taking it's toll on Roxi.

She's kenneled sometimes for over 8 hours a day. She lives in a two-bedroom apartment with no room to run. She has two cats for friends but they can't stand her. Cats, geesh.

She's the most loving dog I've met, always wanting to give a kiss or three before I take off my work shoes. Every year I go through this and it's time to see if it can happen for Roxi.

I'm looking into relinguishing Roxi to another home.
A home where she can run, play, dig, chase, be free. A home out in the country, where she can run on grass, not cement. A home who's mom and dad love the outdoors and can enjoy their hikes with Roxi. Maybe a home with other doggy siblings to hang with. A home that I cannot provide for her.

Please read about Roxi and share with your friends. Maybe, just maybe I can find her the home she really needs.

I love that you were the only one shaking nervously in the farthest corner of the kennel, trying to hide from the world while your brothers and sisters were jumping all over me yelping "Pick me, pick ME!"

I love that when I said "That one, in the corner..." you gave the kennel manager a run for his dirty money.

When I held you for the first time, you stopped shaking.

When we went home that very same day, we both looked at each other as if to say "Oh shit, what do we do now?" And then you squatted and proceeded to do just that all over the front porch.

Your "bent" right ear that droops forward.

How you used to "escape" from your teether and run to the neighbor's garden to dig up their veggies.

Even when you found your sneaky way into my garden, I knew I couldn't stay mad long.

I loved watching you dig for worms in the stream that ran through our front yard.

How you'd bark to high heaven at the lawn mower.

When we moved, you never let up on that "How could you be doing this?" look.

When you would go hungry so I could feed my habit, you never left my side.

You put up with hours in your kennel while I went to work, trying to forget the feel of cool grass on your back and mud in between your paws.

In my darkest hour, you loved me when I couldn't love you back.

Your forgiving, unconditional heart.

You jump up and have to, HAVE TO get in a "kiss" on my chin each and every time I come home.

When I'm having private time on the potty, it doesn't bother you one bit to barge right in.

How you get excited every morning to take our walks to the football fields.

The way you hunt for lizards.

How you scramble over the red rocks on our hikes.

How you nozzle my hand when it's not doing anything on my lap when it could be rubbing behind your ears.

When you act all tough around the smaller doggies and about pee yourself when the big ones arrive at the doggie park.

You're never far.

How you bark at the bad people.

When you run, full speed - you take my breath away.

Your insatiable desire to be loved.

Putting up with my "health food experiments".

Your smile.

How you love processed cheese.

Oh, and did I mention your forgiving, unconditional heart? Ok, good.

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