Monday, June 21, 2010

High $5.00 Campaign for Team Eva

Team Eva has gathered $415.00 in just two days towards their $5,000 goal by July 15th. So much is happening in such a short time, both good and bad. Donations and love = good; time frame to do this in = bad.

Here's something FUN that EVERYONE can do. The High $5.00 Campaign is just what it sounds like.

We're challenging everyone to donate $5.00 to Team Eva this week to keep the momentum going. We want to see this happen though it's a HUGE task. $5,000 in less than a month is going to be nothing short of a miracle.

However, Amanda Tiede keeps her hopes on FIRE and that inspires me to keep plugging away at trying to help them.

So join us in The High $5.00 Campaign today. Just do it...your morning latte money has never done something THIS good before!


Click below to be taken to PayPal's 'Send Money' link:

Use the following email address to start the Donation process:

Thank you for giving Team Eva a High $5.00!!


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