Thursday, June 24, 2010

Livia's First Day Home

Amanda and I texted for a while last night. Too funny how Livia is already establishing dominance over the family beagle...and the husband. Here's some clips from our conversation. (The video has been updated with some requested changes; check it out!)

Eva fell asleep on the way to meeting Livia. Notice the new leash, collar and cash!

6-24-10 6:30pm "I am home with Livia and other tired, hot kids...will take tones of pics later when my kids are normal. Found out Livia has prey drive...and wants to eat my other"

"10 pound dog is giving Livia a run for her money. LMAO."

"Livia is a dominate female bitch...Perfect"

"Hubby said Livia stinks because she put her nose on the table once over chicken and didn't sit when he said to. She knows German commands (but I didn't tell him that)."

"Interesting part is Livia has gone through the additional training where they can attack and jump 6ft walls! But Eva can put her hand in Livia's mouth and Livia kisses her."

"I took Livia to the store before we came home. They said she has ball drive. I let her pick out her toys. She picked out a tennis ball which was destroyed in three minutes."

Another post coming soon when Amanda gets a chance to send those pics!

Enjoy your day everyone!!


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