Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miracle?...No Problem ~ Livia is Coming Home!

If you don't believe in miracles by now, too bad because you've just witnessed one.

It all started when last week, my Twitter friend Scott Sullivan from WI contacted me with a request. I think it was Thursday. He expressed a simple plea to pray for and possibly donate to help a little girl from Kaukauna, WI that needed to raise money for another guide dog. Her "Tessa" had died three weeks ago.

I contacted Amanda, Eva's mom. We went over some ideas and proceeded immediately in getting the word out on Twitter, Facebook, texting, email and calls.

We started out with nothing but crossed fingers and hope. We had to raise $5,000 in less than one month or they would send Livia, the German Shepherd waiting for Eva, to another family.

Amanda never, EVER gave up hope. I wasn't so sure. With her confidence, passion and desire to make this happen for her youngest daughter, today Team Eva reached their goal.

The Team Eva Cause on Facebook didn't exist last week. Now, Team Eva has 77 members. Amanda's Twitter account (@TeamEva) didn't exist last week. Now it has 94 followers. I didn't even know Amanda and Eva existed last week, much less anything about the drama behind getting a service dog. Now I have a lifelong friend and a place to stay if I ever find myself in NW Wisconsin.

Some people participated in helping spread the word, some did The High $5.00 Campaign, some sent in a little more, some bloggers posted Eva's story on Twitter and their personal blogs, and some completely blew our minds. Just yesterday Amanda received a text saying that someone had enough cash to get Team Eva to the $4,500 mark. At the time, Team Eva was at $415.00.

Ok, so there was a little nudity involved but nothing that warranted an R rating.

The rest is history. In less than one week Team Eva did what I didn't think could happen. I'm glad the God that watches out for little Eva is a lot more powerful and amazing than the God I believe in. Well, used to believe in...

To all those that contributed in any way, any way at all, we love you and cannot find the words to say Thank You. What you've done is so much bigger than those two little words.

Overflowing gratitude is in our hearts and will always be the miracle that wasn't supposed to happen.

Livia comes home to Eva tomorrow.


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  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    WE DID IT!! Thank you for all your help!! You do believe... God is always there. God bless you my dear friend and all those that have helped!! I am so humbled that it makes me cry. I have no way of paying anyone back at this time, but with thank yous, prayers, shout outs, and loves... Someday I will Pay it Forward again. $5,000 in less than a week and we didn't even get to the planned fundraisers... this was all by networking and some "heavy hitters" that love us!!

    Thank you everyone!! Thank you and all that mushy stuff...God Bless all of you!!! Livia is coming home today and the intense extended training begins along with the bonding!!

    WOOT @TeamEva

  2. YAY! Anything is possible! I cant wait to see pics and video of Livia and Eva meeting. So happy that I was blessed enough to play a small part in this miracle!


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