Friday, June 18, 2010

'Something Within' Transforms for a Good Cause

Those of you I am closest to know by now that my heart has little Eva Tiede written all over it. I am transforming my 'Something Within' blogsite into a temporary fundraising platform for The Tiede Family.

I will still have posts from friends when they send them in amd I will still have my rants. But mostly, it will be about Eva and her progress on getting her Livia home to her.

And in no time at all, WE will all be able to celebrate little Eva welcoming home her new service dog.

If you have Facebook, join Team Eva to stay most current with how Eva is doing.

If you have Twitter, follow us here>>> @TeamEva

If you would like to donate right away to The Tiede Family, use this email>>> on this PayPal link (no need to create a PayPal account; super easy, secure and quick)>>>

Thank you for reading.

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