Sunday, June 20, 2010

Team Eva - Less Than One Month for a Miracle?

Message from Eva's Mom, Amanda, after reading "Time Is Now The Enemy", a post earlier this week from my best friend back in NC:

This made me cry.... thank you very much. Today when Eva took a nap I just watched her breathe...she was so pale, but she was breathing...I didn't want to look away even though I have been so and out, in and out... it usually is a given, but with her it just isn't.

Team Eva has been told we have less than a month to pay for Livia to come home to Eva. Livia is the German Shepherd that was brought down from Canada for Eva. If Team Eva cannot do this, Livia, will move on the the next family in need on the list.

In one way, that's a great thing for the next family. In another way, it's absolutely heartbreaking for The Tiede Family. They would lose out on a crucial need for their 2-year old just because there wasn't enough money.

This happens all the time, everyday. It's part of life. But for me, it's personal.

I've joined forces with Team Eva and will do everything I can to see who is willing to help. I know miracles happen. I know good people are out there. I have been blessed with an abundance of them.

If you've seen the video above and want to make a difference in the life of a little girl, to pay it forward (you know your turn is due), please contact Team Eva about how to help.

@TeamEva on Twitter
Team Eva ~ Bringing Eva's Service Dog Home on Facebook
Email Amanda Tiede at

Thank you,

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