Friday, July 30, 2010

Kicking ASS this September!!

This post is dedicated to the memory of 14-year old Alex Smythe who died January 21st of this year.

Written January 21, 2010 approximately 6:00pm:

"I would like to start this, my last post, by thanking each and every single one of you for wishing me, and my mom well. Also for providing us not only with love and support but also for the food and goodies we enjoy.

As many of you know I was diagnosed with Leukemia AML type 2, and since November 15, 2009 I have been a resident of Summerlin Hospital, fighting this disease with your help love and support.

As I finished round one of chemo with some problems, because when I was admited, I was already sick. When it was over, I was allowed to spend my birthday holiday, and New Years at home, with my Mom. I look forward to going back for round 2 much stronger than before, and with a more positive attitude.

Round 2 started, and things were so good. I was eating everything under the sun, and more, even on the days of my chemo. I look forward to my second trip home, after I kicked the effects of the meds out of my body. On tuesday, things were kind of normal, but in the afternoon, when they were giving me calcium, I felt woozy, and weird, and that night it felt like the chemo effects were starting.

In the morning my mom called Aaron to keep me company, like we have in the past, but I was out of it because of the meds. I cannot recall the time that he got there. I started feeling this abdominal pain, and asked for some morphine, and even that didn't stop the pain. It was something that persisted through the day, and when my Mom got back, we asked the nurses for more medicine, but the pain was too much. Later that night, I tried to get up, but my legs couldnt support me, but I was in my mothers arms. When she called for help, there were nurses rushing in, calling for doctors who worked so hard, while crying, trying to save me.

At 2:07 AM, I took my last breath, with the help of these amazing nurses, and doctors, while holding my mom's hand, and I said my goodbyes, while sending all the love anyone could give to my mother.

I would like to thank you mom, first of all for giving me life, and believing in me through everything.

I love you mom, and I need you to believe in you Like you believed in me, and now I need you to be strong, and fight, like you fought for me.


PS: I know you guys want to help, and the best way is to reach Aaron with questions, concerns, or donations at: I need you to understand that right now is a tough time for all of us. Thank you again."

Ok, I'll wait until you blow your nose and wipe your tears...Go ahead, take your time - I needed quite a few minutes myself....

., ready to take some action? Read Heidi's message below welcoming EVERYONE to join Team Alex! Her goal is 200 members for the September 11th walk/run. Plenty of time to mark your calendars for a great time and a great cause!

"Two years ago, Alex and I ran the 5K for the Candlelighters and we had a blast! We were very impressed with the entire event. Alex loved the hot breakfast afterwards as well as all of the fun events (he came home with multi-colored spray painted hair and a huge smile).

I could have never imagined that this year I would be heading up a team in his memory. Alex always said I talked too much and now I am his voice and I will use it to get the word out to as many people as I can about this wonderful organization.

This event consists of a one mile walk, a 5K walk and a 5K race. Afterwards there will be a wonderful hot breakfast as well as activities for the entire family. Strollers and pets (on a leash) are welcome!

If you are unable to participate in the event, then please donate, in honor of Alex. Everyone who donates will receive a Team Alex bracelet. .
Those who come out and join us will also receive a Team Alex t-shirt.

We need your help in order to support the many programs and services that Candlelighters provides to hundreds of families on a day to day basis.

To join in the event, click the link below, click on Register here, click on Join a team, from the drop down box find Team Alex.

If you only wish to donate, still click on register here from the Candlelighters site but then click on Sponsor participant and put in my name, Heidi Smythe (aka Alex's mom).

Again, thank you to everyone for their continued support!"

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