Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prescription from Dr. "What's Important, M.D." for "All of Us"

• Your health is up to you, as is the life you live. Creating better health creates a better life.
• Love your lover. Hug your children. Be a good friend. Care about others and let them care about you. Apologize. Laugh a lot. Have fun.
• Make soup for a sick friend. Don’t save your special things – use them every day.
• Forgive. Time heals. Make peace with your past.
• Regard your tone of voice. Choose your words wisely; you can never take them back.
• Stay in touch with people you care about.
• Treat others well.
• Give out at least one compliment every day.
• Simplify. Have a regular cleanup day.
• If you don’t like something, change it.
• Spend your money on experiences more than on things. The memories will last longer.
• Focus on what is working in your life and do more of it. You grow and thrive by what excites you – that is passion!
• Be compassionate.
• Quit complaining; it only makes you and everyone around you miserable.
• Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Be receptive to feedback; it will help you to grow.
• Leave 10 minutes early for everything, no matter where you are headed.
• Anger is impotent. Let it go.
• Confidence is rocket fuel for your life. Cultivate it by feeding your mind with positive thoughts and by ignoring the negative ones.
• What you think about yourself is more important that what others think. Say something good about yourself every day.
• Have humility.
• Embrace gratitude by giving thanks every day – no matter what happens. Lear from your bad experiences/
• Anticipate roadblocks. Life is full of doubts and fears.
• Dare to take risks. Everything happens for a reason, though you many never know what it is.
• Give more than you take.
• Listen more than you speak.
• Leave a legacy.
• When people tell you that you can’t, don’t listen. Anything is possible. Only YOU can do it.
• Repeat this daily. Live one-day-at-a-time.

Source: Las Vegas Business Press Volume 27, Issue 26 Column Writer Robin Jay, Business Coach

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