Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Las Vegas Family in Need

The following message was sent to me by my VP. She's asked for our help in doing what we can to step up. This is my way of doing something.

If you're local to Las Vegas, please consider helping out as well. It feels amazing to help someone that you will never meet. Pay it forward, if you will.

There is a gal, Renee Starling, who works for my husband’s company. Her son and his family were involved in a very bad rollover accident on their way here to Las Vegas from California on Friday, 10/22. Her son and their 3 kids have all been treated and released from the hospital. The little girl may have lost most of her ear. However, his wife (25 years old) remains in the hospital and may have to have her leg amputated.

They don’t come from much and lost most EVERYTHING in the accident. They can’t go home because they do not want to leave Mom. Car seats are already up for donation. I am not sure if it is proper to ask, but I was wondering if anyone has some gently used clothing, DVD’s, toy’s, etc..for the kids. Halloween costumes are also needed along with socks, jackets, blankets, whatever can be spared.

1-year old boy:
Shoe Size 7
Clothing 2T
Diaper Size 4

2-year old boy:
Shoe Size 9
Clothing 4T
Diaper Size 5

4-year old girl:
Shoe Size 1
Clothing Size 6

As I re-read this for editing, I realize that this family did not lose everything. They all survived. Let's help make their journey to recovery an easier one.

Thank you, in advance, for making me proud to have amazing friends like you.



  1. I will definitely help you with this, Sweetie. I will call you soon to find out what you need most. Thank you for your big heart :o)

    Lisa G

  2. Hey Jenny i'm working on this for you. Have a couple of friends going through kid clothes will let you know. Scotty


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