Friday, October 29, 2010

She is the Miracle

I just found this in my pants pocket. It says "I Am A Miracle". It's a coin key ring that a friend of mine gave me back in March for my 2-year sobriety anniversary.

My daughter saw it this morning, hanging on my bathroom wall where I always keep it. It reminds me everyday what a blessing my sober life is.

She took it down and proceeded to look for a place on her jacket to attach it to so she could wear it today. I really wanted to tell her "No, put it back and stop messing with it!" but (1) I don't talk to my babe that way and (2) I subscribe to the No Big Deals campaign. Now, if it were my Mimi's pearls, it would be over before she could take her next breath.

Upon failing to find a good spot to hang it to, Ri decided to slip it in my pocket and told me "Mom, when you find this later today, remember how much I love you."

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  1. She is just such an amazing little girl. You are both so lucky to have each other!


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