Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Furry Friend In Need

Hannah Wells is a 6-year old, gorgeous chocolate lab female that's in a lot of trouble. She's always been a bit on the mischievious side and now she's really done it.

Hannah ate something last night that has now blocked her entire intestinal tract. She's been at the Emergency Vet since late last night and has now been moved to her regular vet. They are needing to perform emergency surgery today or young Hannah will not survive.

Jenniflower Wells is my absolute bestest buddy here in Vegas. I know Hannah personally and have never had a complaint. Well...except that she's mighty curious about my tush. But that's besides the point :)

I'd like to get the word out that Hannah needs help. The Wells' family has already given $900 towards the cost of the surgery but they need help raising the $1,600 it will take to give Hannah the surgery and bring her home.

Go to this direct link to donate:

If you cannot give financially, please, as a personal favor to me and my love for Jennifer, please spread the word.

Together, we can do this!

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