Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Clementine

My friends Kevin and Irene have this amazing Australian Sheppard they call Clementine. They brought her home as a pup last year in August.

Many have enjoyed seeing Clem in countless pictures over the months as she grew and learned to adore the great outdoors. The love Kevin and Irene have for their little princess is infectious. Many of us fell in love with Clem even though we hadn't actually met her.

I'd like to share some of those pictures with you here; sort of a photo diary of the beauty she is.

Clementine was killed last night, February 17, 2011, just shy of her 1st birthday. A hit-and-run driver took her life and fled the scene, leaving Kevin and Irene devastated and heartbroken.

Clem, may Heaven be as much fun as your time on Earth was. You were very loved and will always be missed.

Message from Dad: "Still crying with no end in sight.she taught us how to love again,howto feel again.How to run home when we were seperated and explode with exctment when we met.Mostly you taught us that dreppression is only where you look for it.and with you around it was pretty hard to find.. I love you Clementine."



  1. this is heartbreaking and beautiful...

  2. and its true, though i had never met clem, i loved her. i wish i could take away the pain kevin and irene feel.. it DOES get easier, just not as fast as we would like.... prayers for them. xoxoxo

  3. This is so beautiful. What a fantastic puppy. I know she meant more to Kevin and Irene than any of us could even begin to understand, on so many different levels.


  4. All dogs go to Heaven, it's said.
    Clementine had her "Heaven on Earth" for much too short a time.
    My Delilah lived to the age of 16. I miss her everyday.

  5. Thanks Jenny I have no words


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