Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pahrump, NV Family Loses the Unimaginable

This morning I walked into the office, already not feeling well. The first thing I saw on my desk was the morning paper, folded neatly and banded by its rubber band just waiting for me to take it to the breakroom.

"Children, baby sitter die" stared out at me from the folded front page, stopping my heart. I debated if I even wanted to know more. What an awful headline yet I was drawn to the story with a longing to already do something to help.

I read it in it's entirety. Tears welled up as I saw the look in the father's eyes as he watched his dying children being taken one by one to the ambulances. Unimaginable. If hell exists, this is it.

I posted a link to my FB wall. I listened in the breakroom to others that were commenting on the story. My heart wanted to do something. My mind said "then what's stopping you?"

A FB friend even knows a member of the family. She and I agreed that doing more would be a great idea.

Here is the link to the story from our Las Vegas Review Journal. The pictures will disgust you. Hopefully, you will find yourself wanting to help this family too.

One person commented below the story the following:

mrability wrote on February 10, 2011 09:42 AM:
sad for the kids But that place is full of whte tailer park trash,look at the facts,ride there on the motor cycle a few times a year. Not impressed with the place.

This angered me even more to want to help. Getting mean, ugly or senseless over a tragedy such as this is a pure waste of time. To be able to use your passion to do something to help, rather than continue such ugliness, is what we are on this Planet to do.

I'll be setting up some kind of Cause on FB to help raise donations for the Broadhead Family. They are going to need a rally of support from the community, help in getting another home, a safe place to start over.

If you're interested in doing something for the Broadhead Family, here is the Chip In donation page.

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  1. Jenifer GrasserFebruary 10, 2011

    Jenny, you have the biggest heart! Its making me teary eyed, knowing that a complete stranger is so willing to help a family that has suffered a great loss.

    I am hoping that more people can stand up and help.


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