Monday, March 14, 2011

Gilbert GottFIRED

Apparently I'm not the only one lacking a sense of humor by getting peeved at insensitive and ill-timed comments poking fun at those suffering from last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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Disability insurer AFLAC Inc. fired comedian Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of its iconic duck on Monday after a series of Twitter jokes about the earthquake in Japan, AFLAC's most important market.

Since 2000, Gottfried has voiced the duck in the insurer's TV ad campaign in the United States, quacking "Af-LAAAC!" in the comedian's famously abrasive voice.

Gottfried fired off a dozen jokes on the social media service over the weekend, all riffing in one way or another on the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

But AFLAC said his comments "were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at AFLAC."

AFLAC said it would start a nationwide casting call to find a new voice -- and noted that it was already using a different voice in the Japanese market, where it is the #1 foreign insurer.

The company made its name selling cancer expense policies in Japan in the 1970s, and still derives about three-quarters of its revenue in the country.
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Here's a taste of some of Gottfried's jokes that got him fired. You'll see the irony that not one of them was remotely funny, least not to me. But then again, I have hardly any sense of humor.

Japan is really advanced. They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them. ~ 6:29 AM Mar 13th via web

Japan had put out this urgent plea...." PLEASE SEND US A FEW BIlLION RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!" ~ 1:05 PM Mar 12th via Twitter for iPhone

I asked a girl in Japan to have sex with me. She said "okay, but you'll have to sleep in the wet spot." ~ 11:38 AM Mar 12th via Twitter for iPhone

For more tastless humor, go to:

Some might call Gilbert Gottfried a douchbag, yet he's not alone. There are many other "douchebags" out there using the same tactless, child-like humor and shock value to shine up their social media badges.

All I can say is you guys really are a classy breed of stupid.

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