Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Make Animal Abuse a FELONY

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On October 7, 2010 Raymond Rios,a 46 year old transient living in his van used a box cutter to fatally wound his dog, "Cooney", a pit bull beagle mix. He claimed Cooney was in pain and said her stomach was bulging due to a mouse that had crawled inside of her. He pinned her down in the bathtub of a Reno, Nevada motel and sliced her open with a box cutter. He reported to Police that he squeezed her repeatedly in attempts to get the mouse out.

Rios took her body to the SPCA of Northern Nevada and told authorities what he had done to Cooney. The shelter manager contacted Reno Police Department who arrived to find Cooney's bloody, mutilated body in the back of Rios's van in a garbage bag.

The Police called Animal Control to pick up the remains and do a bite report as Cooney bit Rios several times during the incident. The Police did not arrest Rios. He was allowed to drive away as nothing happened. The Reno Police said they would submit the case for a warrant review...they never did.

Animal Control stepped in took the case over and sought out their own warrant. Rios was arrested December 24, 2010 for misdemeanor animal cruelty. He was found competent to stand trial and on February 14, 2011 plead guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty.

He is now walking the streets after a short stint in jail and not allowed to have dogs for two years.

Cooney died a horrific and brutal death. Don't let it be in vain and honor her memory by signing this petition to support a Senate Bill 223 - attempting to make acts like this on animals a FELONY rather than a misdemeanor.

Please support Senate Bill 223 (SB223) in the current 2011 Nevada Legislative session. This bill, named "Cooney's Law", will make willfull and malicious acts of cruelty punishable by a felony.


Let's send a message to potential offenders and be the voice for the animals who have tragically lost their lives or been seriously injured.

Sign this petition for support of SB223. It goes to hearing on March 23, 2011 (next Wedneday).

As of 3-17-11 at 3:45pm PST - there were only 473 out of 10,000 signatures.

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