Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take Care Tuesday

Today choose to take car of your car. Afterall, it sure does take care of you. It takes you to the doctors office, to the bank, to work, to the ballgame, and countless other places that make your life a better place to be.

So today, give your car a little love. Here are some easy, quick ways to do just that!:

1. Check the tire pressure. If your tires are below the optimal pressure, you are tossing money down the drain, wearing out those tires faster which takes more money for new ones and putting your driving safety at risk. Most every gas station out there has air pumps. Some are free, some require quarters so gather some loose change and use it for good.

2. Wash your car at a Water Smart car wash. Nothing says "I love my car" like a clean, shiny car, inside and out. If you're in the Las Vegas Valley, click the link below to find a Water Smart auto wash near you for a $2.00 off coupon!
Also, most Terrible's car wash locations have FREE vacuums to suck out the dried up french fries and boogies on your floor mats.

3. Check your oil.
Look at your oil sticker, yea, the one you forget about constantly that sits quietly at the upper left corner of your inside windshield. What is it telling you? Doesn't hurt to type in a reminder in your phone when you will need that icky oil replaced.

4. Put the phone away.
This one is tough, I know. If you can handle keeping the phone out of reach for your commute, you increase your chances of saving yourself from a senseless fender bender or worse. This is mainly for you text-while-you-drive folks. Those that use hands-free phones, enjoy but still, please be aware of your surroundings. Nothing is more important than your safety, the safety of your fellows drivers and of course, your car.

Until next time...Safe Driving Folks!

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