Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~Update on Chrissy, the Wonder Foster~

She's crazy and we're in love! We hope that her forever family, where ever they are, will be just as taken by this little weightless wonder as we are.

Chrissy came home with us last Saturday afternoon, 3-5-11. Our primary goal is to love on her and fatten her up. It's already working.

When I come home, she's a delight to see and a very welcoming sweetie. If she could travel around in our arms all day, she'd never complain.

She loves to cuddle right next to me each night and gives (almost too many) kisses each morning. Much better alternative to my annoying alarm clock.

She's already replacing some of the weight she lost while living on the streets of Vegas looking for food. I am in awe of this little thing surviving out there for so long. I know I couldn't have done it.

So enough talk already. Here are some pictures taken from my phone. I have more from my camera that are on my laptop. They will hopefully come later.


I'll be raising funds for the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society and asking for sponsors in their upcoming Wag-A-Tail Walk-A-Thon Event on April 3rd. If you would like to support TEAM CHRISSY, please click the link below and donate.



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