Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 Dogs Needing New Homes

Attached is a story from a lady who's Mother was recently killed. She had amassed quite a number of animals in Parhump, Nevada and her daughter, Alissa is in town for a couple of weeks trying to find them new homes.

I am helping spread the message the three dogs that need to be placed. Sadly, they are large, mixed breeds and I son't know if they are sterilized. So, if you can pass this around, you never know who might be able to help.

Alissa's number is on the flyer.


We need to find good homes for 3 wonderful dogs. These dogs need someone willing to give them lots of love and attention. They are all Pit-bull x Bullmastiff and Apron. 2 ½ years old.

Meet Little Boy

Little Boy was runt of the litter but grew up to be the biggest! He is very affectionate, loves to play, and despite his build of a muscular bad boy, he is a big baby.

Meet Slim Pickin’s

Slim is a sweet boy, very active, and would love someone to play with him. Or even take him out for a run with you. He is a digger so watch out for your flower beds. He seems to get bored easily so maybe lots of "thinking" toys would do Slim some good. Lots of playtime would also do him wonders. Although his name is Slim, he is a well built young man.

Meet June Bug

June is a wonderful little girl and would do anything just to be in your lap. She doesn’t quite understand she’s too big for that. She’s just the biggest love bug as you will find.

These dogs need a new home ASAP we have too many dogs to care for now that their Owner has passed. They need a home where they can be outside and be part of the family.

If interested in giving one of these guys a home please call:
(775) 751-5581 Ask for Alissa

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