Monday, September 12, 2011

Revamping my Blog

Goodbye "That Something Within" and welcome to "Trashy Treasures"!! No, it's not what you're thinking though I do like the thought.

I'm revamping my recently closed blogsite into a place where I can not only share stories, thoughts, epiphanies (is that spelled correctly?), but now a place I can post my Trashy Treasures crafts and recyclables.

Pictures of recycled treasures will now dominate this site so if you're not into trash, adios.

As most of you know, I'm a recycling fiend and now I've found a great use of most of what I collect all while hoping to earn some money on the side. So if you're into buying trash, you're my new best friend.

So please stay tuned as I create more Trashy Treasure and find a neat-o way to take cool pictures of the items I create. You never know...something just might strike your fancy.

And if you're concerned that I might not make time for my silly stories, no worries please. I'm not a totalk craft hound (yet) so I'll have plenty of days where I need some fillers.

Love to all who stay...



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